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But when she walked out of their front door that fateful morning, both lives would be changed forever.

Despite of efforts to reduce or stop excessive sexual behaviors individuals with sex addiction find it difficult to stop and they engage in risky sexual activities, pay for sexual services, and resist behavioral changes to avert risk of HIV (6–9).

Recently, the American Psychiatric Association Board of Trustees rejected several proposals for the new disorder and therefore sexual addiction does not appear in the DSM-5.

Even though clinicians have been treating the disorder, the Board of Trustees estimated that there was not enough research to consider adding the disorder to Section 3 (disorders that require further research) of the DSM-5 (5).

He said that once they gained their victims’ trust, the suspects would move the conversation to private chat rooms and offer lewd performances on cam themselves.

“Unknown to the victims, the sexual performances were being recorded.

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