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In fact, in my Wolof language class, the words for first wife, second wife, third wife, and fourth wife were featured on the vocabulary list for the unit on the family.

However, the societal manifestations of the belief in the inferiority of women stretch much farther than just the legality of polygamy.

a barista in seoul has used the coffee foam as a blank canvas to etch famous artworks, disney characters and logos.

a scale car model, deeply detailed and replicating every aspect of the original model from the well-known 80's movie is used in this photography series.

Le Simb, ou danse du faux lion Date : fêtes, vacances Lieu : partout Des hommes se déguisent en lions avec un maquillage imitant le fauve et un aspect terrifiant.Despite this level of specificity about how women should be good housewives and mothers, and about their secondary status compared to men, gender relations are very complicated and much less cut and dried than simply the gender dynamics of conservative Islam.The most obvious manifestation of this is polygamy.There are very few animists who formally practice traditional religions.I say formally because in fact traditional practices are present in the daily life of all Senegalese, be they Muslim or Christian, because these practices are profoundly rooted in their cultures.

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