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Anyone who has ever thought about trying an action camera for capturing outside action should buy one of these for just .

June 28, 2017 -The countdown is on until Kenya's national ban on plastic bags takes effect, with retailers across the country instructed to be ready to comply with the new law when it goes into force ...

Nairobi - The head of the European Union's election observer mission in Kenya says it's no secret there are concerns about possible violence in next month's presidential election. Nairobi - A Kenyan court has ordered a police officer detained for 30 days while he is investigated for Facebook posts that are alleged to support Islamic extremism. Food shortages are compounded by anxiety around August elections, which may politicize the crisis, a lack of access to water and high levels of severe acute malnutrition among under-fives. Jon Favreau’s The Jungle Book is being described as a live-action updating of Disney’s 1967 classic animated film, and that description is both testament to how well the film works and how thoroughly blurred the divide between the “real” and the computer-generated has become...

You will know that it is not updating when you see an amber symbol with an exclamation mark on the bottom right hand corner of your screen.

If you double-click the amber symbol, you can verify that Forefront is not updating automatically by looking at the date at the bottom of the window.

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