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The 18-year-old is actually an American singer-songwriter and model from Guam.

She sits on the board of many charities and is a huge supporter of contemporary Chinese film and art.As Laura Jacob's mentioned in her 1995 Vanity Fair article, 'The Millers' Tale,' about the sisters "...beautiful daughters--especially those in fabled threes--have embodied epochal promise and plenty, a kingdom's or a culture's claim on the future." Now, 20 years later, the glare of the big weddings have faded away and I believe that Ms Jacob's edict has proven true.The sisters have grown from it-girls into stylish, elegant and accomplished woman. Pia, the oldest, is the former Creative Ambassador for Sephora.in one photo, there is only a glimpse of MC in the background.I may be wrong but I wondered if there was a snobbery about people from hispanic backgrounds in NY high society, if not now but a few years ago.

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